The Partners meeting in Stornoway

The RemoDem partners meeting end of May, 2013 in Stornoway, Western Isles, was a success in almost every aspect, beside the weather which was unusually cold for the season. The NPP projects are about transnational collaboration and exchange of ideas and that was also the focus of the meeting.

RemoDem Stornoway

This was the second time the partners met in a physical meeting after the start of the project, October 2012, and even though we have had regular e-meetings the meeting proved that we can achieve much more when we physically meet.

The project has been through a phase of assessing needs, reviewing best practice experiences, and reviewing research in how to support people with dementia aging in place in remote areas. Each of the partners from the Western Isles and Shetland Isles  of Scotland, the Faeroe Isles, Greenland and the County of Norrbotten in Sweden have now started to implement and test their own adapted version of the RemoDem service package.

The service package consist of a tool box of tools supporting modules that respond to different aspect of daily life as direct support to the person with dementia,  support to the family, support to staff, and community awareness.

Each partner has chosen different modules to focus on, an example is the partners in Western and Shetland isles that will focus on community awareness, direct support for the person with dementia, and support to professionals.

In the Faeroe isles the partner Almannaverkid will have a special focus on community awareness, early diagnosis and to establish a multi professional dementia team which is similar to the focus of Pajala and Arvidsjaur in Sweden.

The Greenlandic partner has a special situation with very long distance between their different settlements and few structures to support people with dementia and they will work on overcoming these problems.

All partners will use mature and tested ICT technologies wherever they will have an added value in the support of people with dementia. An example is Pajala and Arvidsjaur in northern Sweden, who will test a method of improving the direct support of people with dementia and their families in their homes through the use of Video contact, an adapted video interaction tool based on Ipads.

If you want to read more about the details of what each partner plans and considerations and follow their work, please look them up under Project.

RemoDem Stornoway

Stefan Sävenstedt

Project coordinator

Published: 28/06/2013

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