Remote communication with people with dementia in their homes

When you have dementia and live in remote communities in municipalities such as Pajala and Arvidsjaur in northern Sweden, distance is a problem.

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Sometimes there can be up to 70 km to the center where different services are provided and the choice is often perceived as choosing between relying on help from neighbors or moving to a more central location.

Neighbors are often willing to assist with daily activities but there is also some dementia specific support needed that is more difficult to arrange in the local community.

One tool to overcome some of the problems is the use of remote communication with trained staff. Today broadband access is so developed that the use of advanced communication tools is possible in almost all remote areas of Northern Sweden.

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The use of web cameras to facilitate the remote communication with people with dementia has in different research projects proved to be beneficial.

When you have communication problem the possibility to see the person you communicate with has an added value. In Arvidsjaur and Pajala the use of iPads for this type of communication will be tested.

One use of this type of communication that will be tested is to support the communication between the person with dementia and family members living far away. Another method to be tested is communication between a person with dementia and the home help service team.

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In both Pajala and Arvidsjaur people in the early stages of dementia will also test a GPS tool, the Polifon wrist band, to assist them to navigate when being outdoors.

Stefan Sävenstedt
Project coordinator

Published: 11/11/2013

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