RemoDem Newsletter May 2013

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What is the RemoDem project?
RemoDem is an EU, Northern Periphery Program project, developing a services package for support of people with dementia in remote communities. It is a transnational project with partners from Scotland, the Faeroe Isles, Greenland, Norway, and Sweden

The RemoDem service package can be used in planning the provision of dementia-related services in remote rural areas. The service package and its tools are based on available evidence on acceptability and efficacy of deployment of different technologies and services.

Dementia-related services include: the direct support of people with dementia; services for informal supporters; professional support services; and services aimed at awareness and involvement of communities and community members.

Solution concept for each need
We have now formed the main content of the RemoDem service package and adjusted it to the local situation of each partner.

The RemoDem service package presents tools in ‘modules’ which focus on different areas of service provision, as direct support to the person with dementia and the family, support to health personnel, and training and awareness in the community.

Within each module users will be able to browse ‘solution concepts’ for identified needs and access data on specific technologies delivering each solution concept. The choice of the RemoDem tools draws on published literature and transnational learning.

The content of the RemoDem service package, which goes across the transnational partners, has three focuses. Firstly one focus is to identify people with dementia early and promoting an early diagnosis, secondly awareness and involvement of community members and thirdly to promote remote communication and support via ICT tools.

Follow the development of the project
You can take part of and follow the test of the RemoDem service package via our website

Stefan Sävenstedt
Project Coordinator


Partner meeting in Scotland

Western Isles landscape sheep

May 22-23 there will be an External Advisory workshop in Stornoway on the Western Isles, Scotland. Local projects from all the partners will be presented and discussed. A visit to Stirling University is also planned.

Published: 05/11/2014

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