RemoDem Newsletter November 2013

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Developing and testing methods for supporting people with dementia in remote areas has been going on for almost a year in the RemoDem project. We have assessed the needs in the participating countries, figured out what the research experiences are on best practice, and based on that developed the country specific template of support.

In the Western Isles and Shetland Isles of Scotland the focus is on building awareness on dementia and to support a dementia friendly community. In addition they will also develop support to people with dementia in their homes by trying to incorporate ICT devices in the support system.

In the Faeroe Isles they are working hard on educating the communities on dementia in different training schemes and to build awareness on the importance of early diagnosis of dementia.

In Norrbotten, Sweden the implementation of the support system has a special focus on creation of multidisciplinary dementia teams in both Pajala and Arvidsjaur and the implementation of iPads as tools for remote communication between the person with dementia, their family, and the supporting staff.

Follow the development of the project
You can take part of and follow the test of the RemoDem service package via our website

Stefan Sävenstedt
Project Coordinator


Partner meeting in Sweden

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In November 19-21 all the partners will meet in Pajala, Sweden to share experiences, discuss challenges, and to plan for how to complete the testing period that will end in June 2014.

Published: 05/11/2014

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