Business Plan and Deployment Report

The Norwegian Centre for Integrated Care and Telemedicine (NST) leads the work package on Business Plan and Deployment Report. The work includes:

  • A description of stakeholders and value chains in dementia care in each region. Economic, organizational and legal implications of Remodem services will be identified, as well as resources required to deliver these services.
  • An analysis of dementia care systems in all regions, including size, framework, legislation, decision making processes, national goals in dementia care, etc.
  • An assessment of costs and benefits generated by the tested Remodem services. Data will be collected from all test sites.
  • A construction of possible scenarios for the deployment of the tested services in all participating regions. This work includes risk analyses and recommendation of measures to overcome their impact, including financial, legal and organizational issues.

The Norwegian Centre for Integrated Care and Telemedicine (NST)

NST is the world's largest centre for research and development in telemedicine and e-health. The centre has strong interdisciplinary expertise, and aims to shape the health care of the future. The centre's aim is to contribute with:

  • advisory services related to organization and implementation of e-health and telemedicine practice in the health sector
  • research on future solutions in collaboration, telemedicine and e-health
  • development of telemedicine technology from ideas to products and services.

Published: 17/02/2013

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