Project description for the Faroe Islands

Just like in our neighbouring countries there are demographic changes in the Faroes with a growing number of elderly people compared to those of a working age.

Dementia is closely linked to age and the frequency of the condition grows as the years advance. Just like elsewhere we face great challenges in this area.

In the Faroes there are no functioning national guidelines for the dementia sector. Recently professionals have issued a proposal for possible guidelines which have been handed to the minister of social affairs and the minister of health. The plan of procedure named ‘Forgetful but not Forgotten’ is attached.

In the Faroes it is currently accepted as normal that people become forgetful with age. Among other things this is because people have often advanced far in the illness before they turn to the health authorities; at which point the relatives are in a difficult situation as it is a significant challenge to have a person with dementia in their home. People who are in the early stages of dementia are thus relatively invisible in the Faroes.

This - and also the fact that the RemoDem project includes technology - is the reason why we would like to include people who are at the initial phase of dementia in the project.


Published: 14/03/2014

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