Open memory clinic

The service is a structured approach for how to facilitate an early diagnosis of dementia through open clinics. One important challenge in support of people with dementia is to motivate people to get an early diagnosis. Early diagnosis facilitates the possibility to provide timely and adequate personalised support. Dementia is a value laden illness, often connected with stigma and lack of dementia specific knowledge.

Target group

  • People with cognitive problems, unclear cognitive symptoms
  • Primary health centres responsible for  diagnosing dementia


The service is a structured approach for how to organise open drop in clinics for people with cognitive problems. The main ingredients in the approach is to have an open clinic for assessment of cognitive problems which not require any appointment, it is managed by specially trained nurses and occupational therapists who perform screening assessments according to a structured procedure together with awareness activities.

When there is a need to for a follow up or further investigation the person is sent to the doctor. The approach is developed by the staff of the Övertorneå Health Centre, Sweden, based on experience drawn from Finland.

The concept for how to run an open clinic is free and can be obtained through direct contact with the Övertorneå Health Centre.

The service is not anticipated to have a specific Co2 impact.


Övertorneå Health Centre, County Council of Norrbotten

Contact Person: Elisabeth Eero
Telephone: +46 70 560 81 12


Published: 30/01/2015

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