Remote family support

The service is a concept for how to provide flexible support to family carers remotely.  The need of personalised flexible support among family carers to people with dementia is well documented in research and praxis. One major challenge is to have access to qualified support in remote areas and the other is that the carer often has problems of leaving the home in order to obtain support.

Target group

  • Family carers of people with dementia
  • Staff  members providing support


The remote flexible support to family carers is provided by specially assigned staff who are familiar with the local context.  Both the family and the staff member are equipped with an iPad or similar computer tablet to facilitate flexible remote communication with web-cameras.

The possibility of video communication facilitates the participation of the person with dementia together with the carer in the communication.

The service will reduce the need of traveling for support staff which has an impact on the total cost of the service and on Co2 impact. 


The municipality of Pajala

Contact Person: Ann-Sofie Larsson

Telephone: +46 978 120 00

Published: 30/01/2015

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