Remote supervision night-time

The service is a concept for delivering night time support to people in their homes using an electronic camera device. A major challenge in remote and rural areas is to support the experience of safety and security among people living alone in their private homes.

Existing services in the Swedish context is based on regular physical home visits during the nights. The problem is that staff in the home help service spends much more time commuting with their cars than with the care receiver. Another problem is that physical visits tend to disturb the sleeping person.

Target group

  • People living alone in their private homes experiencing problems with safety and security
  • Staff members supporting people in their homes during night time


The service is designed to include an electronic web based camera with night vision that is available in the market and placed in the bedroom of the care receiver.

The device can be managed remotely and is available through several companies. Important in the design of the service is the concept of how it is used based on an agreement between the care receiver and the care givers. The agreement regulates when and how often the support staff can open the camera and look into the bedroom of the person.

The service will have an inpact on Co2 due to reduced traveling in the support teams.  


The Municipality of Övertorneå
The Municipality of Arvidsjaur

Contact Person: Marja Leena Komulainen

Telephone: +46 920 20 54 00

Published: 30/01/2015

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