Remote support

The service is a concept for supporting people with dementia and their family members in their homes using IPads or similar tablets. The challenge it addresses is the problem of accessibility of qualified dementia specific support in rural and remote areas with long distances.

Target group

  • People with dementia living in their homes
  • Family members to people with dementia
  • Staff supporting people with dementia


The services consist of concept for regular remote communication between staff members and people with dementia and their family members in their homes.

The communication tool and hardware used is either iPads or other similar computer tablets, or a specialist communication tool, The Giraff. The computer tablets are used both by the supporting staff member and the person with dementia and their family members while the Giraff is a mobile specialist tool placed in the home and remotely managed by the staff members.


Main idea of using an off the shelf product as a computer tablets is that it is well known by many people. They are designed for simple interaction through a touch screen and also designed to have good hearing and sound without the need of additional devices. The Giraff is a specialist communication tool that is suitable when the person has difficulties managing the tool on their own.

Service provider in the project has been the social service provider.

The use of the service has potential to have an impact on Co2 due to reduced traveling when providing support services.


The Naerverkid (Home health services)

Contact Person:  Sunnuva Fossdal a Lakjuni

Telephone: +298-304020

Published: 30/01/2015

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