The RemoDem tool

The service is a decision tool to be used to help service providers to develop and deliver new and improved dementia services. It is a flexible tool that covers several modules of support to people with dementia, their family, support staff, and the community. The development of the tool was informed by a structured literature review, a review of available technologies and later on, by findings from the evaluation of the Remodem project.

The tool address the challenges involved in developing good quality, person centred dementia service that can be adjusted to different contexts.

Target group

Different care and support providing organisations in the area of dementia care.


The tool provides access to technical data and to information on the available evidence on acceptability and efficacy of deployment of different technologies. It provides structured access to both summarised and detailed information. The RemoDem tool presents information in ‘modules’ which focus on different areas of service provision. Within each module users can browse ‘solution concepts’ for identified needs and access data on specific technologies delivering each solution concept.

At the end of the project it was developed as a comprehensive document that can be accessed free of charge. The plan is to further develop the usability of the tool by making it into a web based tool.

Remodem decision support tool (xls)


University of Stirling, Department of Applied Social Sciences

Contact Person: Professor Alison Bowes

Telephone: 01786-467695

Published: 30/01/2015

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