Project description for the Shetland Islands

In the Shetland Isles we are evaluating the Module of Direct Support for the person with dementia, the Module Support for Professionals and the Community Awareness Module.

The Direct Support for people with dementia involves working to evaluate the effectiveness of technology that is identified as part of a care assessment. The equipment is provided from our central store and the people to evaluate the equipment with will be identified by the Shetland Dementia Partnership. We also aim to evaluate the value of the newly designed Scottish Government and Alzheimer Scotland one year post diagnostic support initiative and the pillars or modules that are contained within it. The importance of this first year support may have a significant impact on helping the newly diagnosed person and their carers and families plan for the future. 

Community Awareness Module involves raising awareness through targeted community events using rural community halls to promote awareness of dementia. Key note speakers and a number of events are being held throughout dementia awareness week. We are promoting dementia friendly retail areas and encouraging local retail outlets and businesses to sign up to promoting a dementia friendly high street and workforce. We will also be running a series of events that Shetland agricultural shows in order to disseminate information across communities.

Support to Professionals module consists of promoting the educational materials in Promoting Excellence, which is Scotland’s on line dementia education resource to all staff. Also working closely with colleagues in the Western Isles and internationally to improve the pathway for people with dementia, we are in the process of introducing a dementia Integrated Care Pathway (ICP) as a guide for staff working with people with dementia. The clinical diagnostic pathway is near completion and the continuing community pathway is in a design phase.

Published: 22/02/2013

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